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    Is is possible to mount a volume to the desktop from the shell?
    The OS here is Lion.

    Yes, I realize you can use the mount command (and it's call to mount_smbfs) to mount a network share to anywhere in the filesystem (provided there's an directory available to host the mount). That part is fine.

    What isn't clear is whether it's possible to get the Finder to see that mount and make it visible on the desktop.

    Additionally, if the command line is used to mount a volume (regardless of location), does Time Machine understand NOT to follow that path? Without user intervention to exclude it? It would be supremely stupid to have TM follow a network path to what might be more files that it can save.

    And don't me started on the unannounced change to how Lion mounts volumes instead of the selected subfolders... Wreaks havoc with complex fileserver setups... and for what? Bad Apple, VERY bad.

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    if it's mounted, Finder will see it, so if you mount it to a directory on the desktop, it should show up. Now, as far as I know Time Machine will not backup externally mounted drives. But I've turned TM off, in deference to battery life.
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