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    stopping safari address bar history showing
    does anyone know if its possible to turn of the history showing when you go to type in an address in the address bar in safari,
    so for example, I go to type www in the address bar and a drop down list appears showing the past history and current book marks,
    Im not bothered about the book marks showing, i just dont want the history to show each time.
    I cant find a way of stopping it apart from clearing my history after each session on the internet, which would be a bit of a pain.
    thanks for any pointers

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    Safari > Private Browsing

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    Quote Originally Posted by osxx View Post
    Safari > Private Browsing
    but private browsing does not stay on when you close safari down, you have to re-turn it back on each time.
    Ive just gone from google to Bing because of the annoying auto suggestions drop down box that google insist you have when typing in their search box.
    which doesnt turn off no matter what you try.

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