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    Images showing up on screensaver that are not on Mac
    I have my desktop/screensaver set up to show random pictures from a file yet it shows images that have been deleted from my iMac. They are not on any of my drives. Is there a reason for this and how can I clear the cache or history for it?


    Lucy Goose

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    Change the screensaver and then change it back. (make sure there is some time difference between the two changes) Then go to the folder above right click and go arrange by date modified, every file at the top was modified by your change to the screensaver so the cache is in one of those files. I would suggest deleting them one at a time and seeing if it fixed the issue, if not I would restore the file.

    Also there is a cache.db file found at:

    finder>username>library>caches> preferences

    but I think its for desktop files and not screensaver options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy Goose View Post
    They are not on any of my drives.
    Have you looked in hard_drive/Library/Desktop Pictures?

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