I work in an atmosphere where Mac's are gaining a great reputation. We have around 60-70 Mac's on Campus, mostly physician related. All of our new mac's are being joined to our domain without any issues, and they are put into their own OU. We are able to track how many machines we have this way and make sure all of our naming conventions are uniform. We would like to take our other mac's that aren't currently joined to the domain that are running Snow Leopard and Lion and join them to our domain as well.

I was wondering if there is a good way to copy/transfer/convert these local accounts to domain accounts? All users on campus already have a domain account for logging in, but on their mac's they are using local accounts. Mac's have just recently started being joined to our domain within the last few months. We want all users to log in with their domain accounts on their mac's from this point forward, but I don't want to disrupt any settings that the physicians already have implemented on their mac's.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.