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    Transferring a file to a USB memory stick problem
    I have a 7gb movie I downloaded and would like to watch on my tv via USB. My memory stick is 16gb capacity. I have nothing in it, when I check info on it it shows that I actually have 16.12 gb of memory available. When I try to drag the 7gb file into the USB folder, I get a message stating that it can't be copied because its too large for the files format. Does anyone know whats going on here? Is it the computer or something with the USB memory stick?I just recently used it for other things and works fine. Theres more than double the memory space available, how can 7gb be too large?

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    Plug the drive in and select it when it appears. Choose Get Info. That will probably show the drive is formatted as FAT 32. FAT 32 limits each file to a maximum of 4 GB. You'll have to either use a different format, assuming it's supported by your device or split the file into multiple parts.
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    Yes its a FAT32 system, meaning 4.29gb is the absolute max it can handle. I heard you can reformat a usb flash drive to a NTFS system and this should solve the problem? However I have heard that formating it to a NTFS system means that its a read only format for macs which is useless because I want to load the 7gb file into it. I installed a nice little program that splits up the file, and this program then rejoins the files back to a single file, but I noticed when it joins back up, it will stop to process after the file reaches 4.29gb in size (FAT32 limit), so again I'm at a loss. How do peope these days transfer large media files via USB flash drive? In this day and age big files are becoming common place yet the current hardware isn't up to snuff.

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    I think you are cutting corners when you say " .... yet the current hardware isn't up to snuff " .... there is nothing wrong with the hardware, you just have to understand it's limitations.
    When you say you want to watch the movie via USB on your TV .... USB does not necessarily mean " a memory stick " .....

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