Hi! I have a MacBook Pro with OS 10.7.2.
We use Skype and Live Messenger to videochat with my in-laws in Holland, and never had much trouble on my old Dell. But on my MacBook Pro we have a lot of problems. Sound comes and goes, picture freezes up or we have big pixels screwing up the picture. NOT good. Happens in both programs.
I've done some tests online that show massive packetloss and delay. But we only have this problem with videochats, and never with the Dell which has a camera that's nowhere near the quality of the built-in cam on the mac.

So I'm wondering; could it be that the Mac is uploading much more data from the HD cam and that the line simply can't handle it? My upload speed is not great, 500 something k, but it sufficed for the Dell.

Can I change the settings for the camera somewhere and lower the resolution? Have looked around but can't seem to find anything, also not in Skype...