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    Cool mac osx hard drive issue running 10.5
    Hi All,
    I am trying to partition my hard drive so i can instal another system on it like linux - ubuntu. The problem is that the drive will not partition properly i get an error message (file system varify or repair failed) in plain english what does it mean and how can i enable it to create a partition.

    Once the partition is created i presume on start up i will be given a choice of drives so do i select the new one and instal linux or do i need to format the drive first!!

    Your advice would be appreciated (Heister1)

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    Many times when you want to partition a hard have to reformat the drive (essentially starting out fresh)...and then create the partitions. The proceed to install the OS you want in each partition.

    Mac Hard Drive Partitioning

    If you haven't tried this...this could be the issue.


    - Nick
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    Thanks Nick,
    Will try your option when i have some time;

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