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    HELP im frustrated!
    Ok, to make a long story short... My nieces 1st model macbook crashed, HD problem, so i replaced it with the 60gb (the same size). I have a backup of my HD (10.6.8) on USb external from an earlier macbook that i can boot hers to but how do i transfer that OS to her new external? It just shows the blinking folder if i remove the external USB HD. I have tried for over a week now and cannot figure it out. It boots with the external but i cannot figure out how to transfer my OS to her new 60gb HD. Please help lol, im at my wits end once again and she needs it back before Christmas. I went to disk utility, restore, then choose My OS from the volume scheme, then choose her internal as the destination. Chose restore, took 2 hours, then at the end of the restore it said ( not able to complete because the 2 file names are the same) I went to startup disk, and chose her internal because for some reason it lied to me and then i chose restart. It then said, cant start from the disk because bless tool wont allow or something like that. I then changed the name of my external then completed the procedure again. It automatically changed the name to what my external HD was and then said the same thing about the file names being the same? Please HELP

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    Why don't you just boot from her install disc and do a proper fresh installation of OS X? Cloning the system from an installation on another model of Mac isn't necessarily a good idea. Besides, do you REALLY want your stuff on her computer?

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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    Well, neither one of us had our instal disks. I finally was able to get it up and running by using ccc. When i got done, i just deleted what i didn't want her to have.

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