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    Question Uninstalling/Installing Printer

    I am a newbie to the Mac world and I have a Mac Book Pro (7.1) running Mac OS X.

    Currently, I have an Epson Work Force 615 (Color printer) installed.

    (1) How do I, "safely" uninstall the color printer and (2) how do I then install a Brother MFC 7340 (B&W printer)?

    Thank you.

    Dr. T.

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    In the Mac world we don't often talk about "uninstalling" when we talk about printers.
    I think what you should do is go to Print & Fax prefs, highlight the Epson, and click on "-" to remove its queue.
    Then click "+" to add the Brother. After you click + (Add), make sure you are looking at the default print browser, and wait for the printer to be found (you did plug it in USB - right?). Your mac will then look for the driver locally or on Apple update (quite often newer than on the CD).

    There's lots of info like this at Apple:

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    Dear Gsahli,

    Thank you. It worked! :-)

    Dr. T.

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