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    Can you track or view logs of user activity

    I work at a small design company. We all (12 members of staff) run macs and store most of our files on a xserver currently running OS 10.7 using unique user names and passwords.

    Unfortunately we have had to suspend a member of staff and I would like to be able see if, before leaving, they took any company files.

    How could I do this? I also have their laptop, which was confiscated before leaving.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    No, the logs will not really tell you specifics like what files were copied and when.

    You may want to change their mail account password, to keep them from remotely logging on to get their mail, while still allowing to to forward any business mail to another account.

    And if you can login to the shared drive remotely, you may want to delete or password change the server password account
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    Thanks for your quick reply.

    Thats very annoying

    Do you know if there are any third party apps which do this for our future records?

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