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    Mac OS X keeps logging me out after a period of time
    I keep having an issue with my PowerPC G4 Mac Mini, Every-time I leave the computer for an hour or more, I return to find that the OS has logged me out of the system.

    It never does it when i manually activate and lock the screen saver. It only seems to do it after an hour or so.

    1. Is this a OS issue or hardware issue? I have no clue.
    2. If this is a setting that I need to change, can I disable automatic log out after a period of time? I don't like this at all. Quite frankly I don't know why I didn't ask about it before. It's been doing it since I purchased it. (Remember, it's a second hand PPC G4 that I brought off a friend) He did say that it did it to him and to avoid it doing again, just manually activate the screen saver/lock screen.

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    -> System Preferences, Security, General

    Checkbox: Log out of ... minutes..

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