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    How clean up and speed ou MB?
    I have a 5 year old MB running Snow Leopard. It has gotten to the point where it is very slow and buggy. Of course, I could use it as an excuse to pick up something new, but I would prefer to get it cleaned up, speed it up to where it used to be and save some $. Any recommendations for programs that can help out? I know I can add RAM as well (I think it has 1 or 2 g right now, whatever was standard on the base model 5 years ago). THanks!

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    2011 13" MBP 2.3ghz, 8gig ram, OS 10.8.5
    Download & run Onyx (make sure you download the correct version):

    Download OnyX for Mac

    - Nick
    - Too many "beachballs", read this: Beachballs
    - Computer seems slower than it used to? Read this for some slow computer tips: Speedup
    - Almost full hard drive? Some solutions. Out of Space
    - Apple Battery Info. Battery

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    Quote Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
    Download & run Onyx (make sure you download the correct version):

    Download OnyX for Mac

    - Nick
    Will do. Thanks, Nick.

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    MY experiences

    1. Downgrade your Operating System to have more free RAM

    System Requirements for OS:
    Lion 2 GB
    Snow Leopard 1 GB
    Leopard 512 MB
    ..256 MB

    2. Replace RAM
    Its not just the size important, age too +.... free repair tutorial, in 5minutes you have replaced your ram

    3. Replace Hard Drive
    Are expensive now, because of Thailand.

    4. Use only 1 Disk Partition

    5. Open your MB and clean it inside. Hairballs..

    6. Do not update after a clean install of Mac Os x. After updates they run slower.

    7. Do not use Onyx or Monolingual, TotalFinder, LittleSnitch Tools, new Firefox versions. New Firefox versions needs for example more RAM (System Requirements Firefox).

    8. Look at the Activity Monitor for CPU and RAM usage.

    9. Disable Applications on Start Up, Login Items.

    (10. disable Dashbord, Spotlight with Terminal Code)

    11. Set Brightness of Monitor to low. (heat)

    12. replace iphoto with xee, itunes with vlc and so far. use applications and versions, which arrives before your Snow Leopard.

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