I work IT for a local school system. There is a student testing site (TestNav) that we have to use that requires that we run Safari and java in 32-bit mode. Modifying the Safari and LaunchServices plist files solved my Safari in 32-bit mode problem but.... Since I have about 500 student computers in my school and about 12000 district wide, Dragging the 32-bit version above the 64-bit version in Java Preferences.app is ridiculous. I'm looking for the specific unix command that will switch the Java preferences to 32-bit mode system wide that I can use in ARD, Terminal or Workgroup Manager. I read other forums about using the -d32 switch but no specific syntax or common use example to follow.

Our students are not using 10.7 units yet but of course will be soon. So, any reply would be referenced to OSX versions 10.5.8.and 10.6.8.