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    pdf to word
    How do I convert pdf to Word on a Mac? I have a book manuscript sent to me in pdf by a publisher that I need to edit. I have downloaded various converter programs off the web, such as pdfpen, but they are overwhelmed by the pdf - 348 pages. pdfpen couldn't be opened on my computer; "no available application can open it." A "how-to" off the internet seemed to be working until I got to the last step, which was "To open the file, drag and drop the file on top of the PDF-to-text application." I could not find that application or any prompt like it.

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    If it's just text..... open it in Preview, select all the text and paste into Word.

    However . . . depending on the security placed on the PDF this may not be possible.

    PDFs aren't really designed to be an editable format. If the publisher wants you to be able to edit this I'd suggest contacting them and getting them to send it as a Word/txt/rtf/pages document
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    That was the first thing I tried, of course, but when do as you suggest, Word is not one of the options that comes up under Preview. I do have Word - I work in it all the time - and the reverse, Word to pdf goes exactly as it should.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dminderh View Post
    but when do as you suggest, Word is not one of the options that comes up under Preview.
    That doesn't fit what he suggested. He suggested Copy and Paste - not export.

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