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CompGuy 11-16-2003 07:33 AM

Dock crashes
That's how it is right now:
The finder runs, but the desktop is somewhat "disconnected". Clicking on it doesn't switch to the finder Menue. The finder icons cannot be selected. I just got a finder window because I use dragthing.

The dock doesn't run, it crashes. The crash_log is doesn't give me a clue.

I think the fastest way to cope with this strange problem is to re-install the system software. But I don't learn anything this way. And maybe someone out there has a clue?

Thanks in advance

CompGuy 11-16-2003 07:52 AM

Problem resolved
after a little break (in which i wrote the first posting), i searched again for what made the system behave so strange. And I found the APE Manager, which has been installed with Xounds. That pice of software seemes not to be compatible with panther.
After disabling Xounds in the APE Manager, my desktop returned and the Dock started.

So this is a short thread then. But maybe it helps someone in the future ;-)

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