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    Hey just installed lion. and I am pretty much always use column view for the finder. I noticed in Lion there is not an obvious way to hide the preview of a picture or video file when one is selected. There used to be a little triangle to open/close it (like folders in list view have). I usually leave it closed (which will leave it closed for all items) because sometimes (especially for large, non apple file type movie files) the finder hangs a bit when trying to generate said preview.

    any way is there a setting somewhere to turn this off?

    Also is there a way to go back to snow leopard animation of moving files in finder?

    Thanks for the help.

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    I wish this was back as well - annoying when the finder keeps on trying to preload movies in there…

    If you have the "Secrets" prefpane, you can disable movie preview thumbnails, but that only applies to icon view, not column view

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