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    I want mac mail to open with e-mail link not gmail
    I have set something wrong. Now whenever I click on a mail link in safari gmail opens up. I don't want this. I was going along fine until something happened. I don't know what. Mail used to open up nicely when I clicked on a link. Now gmail opens up and ask me to allow it to use my apply password files.

    How can I get this to work the way it should. I would like when I click on a link for apple mail to open up. It is showing as my default mail program but gmail still rears it's ugly head. Any help is appreciated.

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    Since GMail is not a program, but is rather a website, I can only imagine that you have somehow set GMail as your default mail program.

    If you open Mail manually and check the preferences, what does it say is the default email reader?

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