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    MacBook doesn't BOOT-UP?
    The MacBook is my wife's of 34yrs. She is a H.S. teacher .Yesterday as she was leaving for work she closed the laptop put it in her case with the A/c power adapter. and left. (I seriously doubt she "shut down" the cpu.) Upon arriving @ the school it sat upon her desk "not plugged into the A/c adapter." When she arrived at home she tried to "boot-up" her MAC... after severall failed attempts at start-up she said what I have just related above.... and then plugged it in with Mag A/c adapter. Every hour last night and again this morning every attempt at BOOT has FAILED.
    1.)Depress "start button upper righthand corner.
    2.) Screen turns grey with an APPLE and bar graph at the bottom of screen.
    3.) Bar graph shows progress slowly, goes off the screen and returns showing movement.
    4.) After several reappearences the screen goes BLACK. No sound just BLACK.

    I told her last night that it is probably the BATTERY. She is in need of her CPU as she is taking her MASTERS onle with U of Phoenix.
    Any help would be appreciated. I have been using computers since 1996 and consider myself a "HACKER." I have my own cpu a Toshiba w/ WIN7 with a NEW HHD that I installed and partitioned.

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    Try resetting the PRAM and SMC.

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    How is this done?

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    Resetting the PRAM: LINK

    Resetting the SMC: LINK

    Let us know if that works.

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    First I tried to reset the "parameter RAM."I tried this 4X's two with the MagSafe plugged in and two with it unplugged. Next I tried resetting the "SMC" 4X's 2 with the MagSafe plugged in and 2 without. I even tried holding down the POWER button until the the cpu beeped twice. All of these options did not work. As the battery had been running hot and the CPU's back cover had been replaced from overheating. I am treating this as a "BATTERY" issue and we have an appointment this afternoon with the "genius squad" at the APPLE STORE. Thank you one and all.

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