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    Home User Folder Size Management Question
    Hey guys,

    I tried searching threads and I didn't find anything too specific on the topic (and if I am wrong, I apologize).

    So, my question is does anyone know/recommend/have tips in how to manage the Home User Folder Size? My user folder is 175 gbs and I really want to trim it down.

    Don't get me wrong I'm somewhat of a power user with a 30gb music folder, a 20 gb iPhoto folder, 40gb documents folder (vms), but my Application Support folder is a whopping 90gbs. Now, I figure that my iPhone/iPad backups are in there, etc. but is there a way to minimize all of this junk? It's just really obnoxious doing Time Machine backups and it being 40gbs when I haven't done much since the last update.

    Any ideas? I really appreciate any input.

    Thanks again!

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    Well, of course you can delete things from the AS folder if they are for applications you no longer have installed. But beyond that, be very cautious.

    I don't use TM, but can't you set it to only replace items in your previous backup that have been modified?

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