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    USB peripherals not working on hub after reboot
    Hi All,

    Here's my setup: I have a Mac Mini mid 2011. Three of out the four USB port on the back are used for keyboard and 2 external hard drive. One is being used for a powered USB hub (Trust 4 port Pyramid USB hub, it's powered).

    On that USB hub I have my headset, webcam and using 2 ports for external DVD drive/burner.

    Now here's the issue. If I start from scratch, i.e. plug the usb hub, plug the webcam, then headset then the dvd burner everything works fine.

    On shutdown and restart the hub is completely toast. I have to unplug the hub and start from beginning again.

    Anyone has any idea how to fix this issue? It's rather annoying because I do shutdown the Mac on regular basis.

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    Dec 04, 2011
    bump ... anyone?

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