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    Unhappy update to Java SE 7??

    I'm looking for some one that can help me update my java to v7. I know it can be done and I even know where to get the download, but when I read the instructions it talks about all kinds of crap I donít understand how to use. (Like terminal) I would be very grateful if some one would take the time to give me some step by step understandable directions, or direct me some where that has them. I wish they had a installing java v7 on a Mac for dummies book.

    Iím on an IMac OS X 10.7.2

    This is the site that im talking about with the program and instruction:
    Java SE Runtime Environment 7u1 download page

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    Dec 08, 2011
    Question update to java v7

    I'm trying to update my java to version 7. I know where to find it and instructions on how to do it, but the instructions talk about doing thing I have no idea how to use like terminal. Please some one help me with some understandable instructions for dummies like me, or direct me some where I can find some.

    I'm running OS X 10.7.2

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    I don't think v 7 is ready for regular users yet. The fact that you have to compile from source code is a sign of this.

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    well that would suck big time

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    Merged threads - please don't crosspost.

    You can get a prebuilt Java 7 technical preview here. Note though that the Java 7 technical preview is not stable software - it may crash on you.

    Is there any reason you need Java 7?
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    I thought I needed it but I don't any more thanks for your responses.

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