Talk of Lion and OS 5 got me real excited, especially with the document and other automatic syncing capabilities. Unfortunately, I was disappointed, somewhat. It's nice for iBook. I had anticipated that the Document Sync across all devices and Mac would work more like DropBox or iDisk. It works fine across mobile devices, but its usefulness decreases with respect to working between a Mac and an Apple mobile device.

First, it's lame that the document has to be created first on a mobile device and won't work if created first on a Mac. Second, it's lame to have to download a document from iCould through an internet browser. Even more so, it is lame that when your finished working on a synced document it doesn't automatically upload/update the same document in iCloud (iWork) or other mobile devices. You have to upload the document to iCloud again through an internet browser. Why can't there be a file in the finder like iDisk or Dropbox?

Am I missing something, or is that really how this all works right now?

If so, will iCloud documents ever work as well on a Mac as it does on the mobile devices with respect to automatically syncing in Pages, etc?

I've heard some murmuring but nothing solid about upgrades, and I know Apple had tried to buy Dropbox. I wanted to know if there was anymore solid information or legitimate predictions.