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    Noob Question - browsing folders for internet browser
    Hi guys. Im sure the answer is really obvious but how do I move back and forth between folder when I am browsing for, say, and image from my web browser?

    What I mean is if folder A is within folder B and folder A is the last folder I browsed in I have to browse from the desktop or hard drive all the way back to folder A again - rather then just hitting an up-a-level button as I would do on a PC.....if that makes sense?

    So I guess what I am after is an up-a-level button when browsing for a file from a web browser. Anyone know that Mac version of this?

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    Wish I understood what you're asking. Are you talking exclusively about moving around within Safari or another web browser? It seems like you're switching subjects in the middle. Part of it is inconsistent terminology, like "folder I browsed in" and "browsing for a file from a web browser".

    You browse to different web pages or sites in a web browser. I'm not sure how you browse for a file instead. I'm missing something here I guess.

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    Yeah I know it particularly hard to understand. But I found the answer anyway - simply Command+Up Arrow.

    All I wanted to do was to go up a directory level. Sorry - very bad explanation of my problem. All good now.

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