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    The title is slightly misleading.. but i'll do my best to describe inside.

    First off, I know this is probably not the right place to put this, but I honestly had no idea where else it could go.. So i'm hoping a mod could move it for me if this is the wrong area.

    Anyway, my problem. I just got a new macbook pro, (what ever happened to normal MacBooks?) after having my macbook for the past 5 years. Well, my mom has always wanted a mac, so she asked if she could have mine.

    There's a problem, however. She doesn't want all the crap that i've accumulated though out the 5 years I've had it.. so i told her i'd wipe it all. The problem is though, I used to keep her iTunes music on that computer, and she wants to keep the music. My question is, is there anyway to delete absolutely everything else, but somehow keep the iTunes? or restore it to the way it is now?

    I've made a copy of the old computer, and put it into the new one (though it made a separate account for it... but thats a question for another thread) So i'm not worried about losing anything. I just want to delete everything but iTunes music. Is this possible?

    Sorry for the long winded explanation and my ramblings. Thanks in advance for the help !

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    Go to the "your_username" folder. Delete everything inside any folders in there -- except from Music.

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    Back up the music to another drive/computer; boot the old computer from an install disc and wipe the drive; then reinstall OS X from scratch. Once she has set up her profile, copy the music back over.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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