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    Track pad setting in lion
    I recently upgraded both my 2011 MBP and my 2010 MBA
    to lion at the same time..

    I noticed on the MBP in the track pad settings i had the option for
    the 3 finger drag.

    The MBA does not have this option..???

    I've attached screen shots.

    i upgraded them at the the same time so the both have the same version.
    has anyone ever seen this?? or have an answer,
    cuz i use this feature all the time..

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    It's the hardware. My 08 mbp wouldn't have the 3 finger drag either.
    This machine kills fascists
    Got # ? phear the command line!

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    track pad
    That doesn't make sense
    the track pad has 3 finger
    and 4 finger commands that work, like swipe, mission control, and expose.

    so the hardware and drivers are there to see multi finger gestures,
    just not this particular option???

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