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electrickoolaid 12-03-2011 04:19 PM

MacBook freezes on Blue Screen on startup
I'm a new convert from windows and this seems like a simple software issue but every now and then when I boot my Mac up it will freeze on a blue screen right before the login. What is the best/easiest way to fix this? TIA

chscag 12-03-2011 09:42 PM

Year, Model, Mac? And which version of OS X is it running?

electrickoolaid 12-04-2011 12:37 AM

2007 MacBook, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

chscag 12-04-2011 01:59 AM

Do you have your original Leopard install DVD? If you have it, boot the MB with it and enter Disk Utilities from the top menu Utilities. Highlight the hard drive on the left, and run verify and repair from the First Aid tab on the right.

Let's see what it says about the condition of the file system and hard drive.

If that checks out OK, run the Apple Hardware Test.

electrickoolaid 12-04-2011 04:54 AM

If I dont care about the data and do a clean install of 10.6 Snow Leopard, then to 10.7 Lion would that most like fix this anyways?

chscag 12-04-2011 10:12 AM

If the hard drive has errors or is not functioning right, installing Snow Leopard and then on to Lion is not going to help. Make sure the hard drive and the machine is OK first. If everything checks out OK, then by all means upgrade to SL and Lion.

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