I ran the SoftWare Update yesterday and downloaded:


It asked me to restart the computer for the changes to take effect but the internet cut out and when I next looked the message to restart had gone.

I restarted and presumed all was OK but today I looked in the trash (yes I know that sounds a little sad) and there was a folder called:

Recovered Files.

Inside this folder was the MacOSXUpdateCombo10.4.2.pkg icon.

I dragged it onto the desktop and wonder if it was installed at all?

I've noticed this Recovered Files folder in the trash a few times but don't understand how/what happened for the need to recover them?

Did something semi-bad happen and I was unaware??

Should I double-click on the MacOSXUpdateCombo10.4.2.pkg icon to install it?

How can I check to see if it was properly installed in the first place?

What should I do with the MacOSXUpdateCombo10.4.2.pkg file afterwards?

Delete it?