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    AirPort Wifi Connection Problem
    I'm having an issue with my wife's computer. I'm not a mac guy, so bear with my ignorance but it seems that this has to be a rare enough issue. I have not been able to figure out the issue, the internet provider has been clueless, and I had a genius say that he fixed the problem but upon arriving home this afternoon and starting up the computer, I quickly realized that it's not fixed.

    I run a PC (Linux 11.10) and my connection to our Windstream wifi network was no problem. Her computer, however, connects to the internet (and continues to) but after about 45 seconds of surfing it stalls out. Now, her internet connection maintains itself, airport is a green light, diagnostics say everything's clean, etc. If we disconnect and reconnect, we get another 45 seconds.

    Has anybody had a problem similar to this? I cannot find anything online which could help me out except for the basics which I have already done seven times.

    Thanks much!

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    Try setting the encryption to WPA2 and take auto channel off the router and select
    one of the channels manually.

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