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    Question Upgrading from Lion to Lion Server???
    Hope this isn't a silly question, but here goes...

    Are there any issues with "upgrading" (possible?) from Lion to Lion Server? I'm in the process of setting up a web-based wiki for home use (macs, PCs, mobile devices) on a project that I'm starting, and I'm just curious if I should instead install Lion Server on my box with Lion on it and go from there, or if maybe I'm just over-thinking this whole thing? The Wiki in question will grow sorta-big (near 1TB in database size, I'm guessing with media), but will not be for public consumption (home or work only).

    I'm considering Lion Server only in terms of the web-based features ONLY...

    Thanks again, guys!

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    THe server will certainly let you run a wiki, and since the server version is now so cheap, compared with buying an OSX server license previously then its a good deal.

    The wiki software comes with certain built in themes (which you can customise if you know CSS) but otherwise works pretty fine out of the box.

    So if you want an easy to set up wiki out of the box then go ahead, but if you are a web head and want full customisation then consider other options, but only if you are happy dealing with CSS and SQL and such tecchy stuff
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