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    OSX Lion lock screen problem
    Hi everybody,
    I've come here because I have a question about Lion: does anyone know why my lock screen (not the login screen) has the old appearance, the snow leaopard one (black screen and a simple text fields form to enter username and password)?

    The first time it happened I was playing TF2 on steam, from then I always get that instead of the lion one.

    Its not really a big deal but I believe that must be a file or a config file somewhere that can convert it back and I had no luck with google.
    I am also curiouis if is there someone else with my same behaviour..


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    Dec 01, 2011
    Lion: Not automatic lock

    I am experiencing a similar problem with my MacBook Pro (Lion 10.7.2). I can lock the screen manually configuring the "Keychain Access". However, I can not make it lock automatically when it goes to sleep or the screensaver is activated.

    In the "Security" section of the "System Preferences" there is an option that you can activate precisely for that, saying something like “Require password to wake up this computer from sleep or screen saver”. However, in my case, this option is greyed. An this is true even with administrative privilegies!!! I can modify anything in the system... but that option

    In summary, do you have any idea of the reason for this behaviour?


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    Dec 01, 2011
    Login Options
    I don't know if is relevant but can you modify the "Automatic login" option under "Users & Groups" in System Preferences or is it grayed too?

    Also if that doesn't help I would try maybe to repair disk permission with Disk Utility or using a program like OnyX that sometimes correct some strange behaviours. (but these are jsut random advice, I don't know exactly what is causing you problem)

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