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Thread: I hate problems

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    I hate problems
    I renamed my Mac HD icon, like I have several time except this time I did it reset everything Safari, Mail, Ichat, Itunes everything acts like I've never used it before. I just laughed it off and fixed everything then I opened Safari and realized by dozens of bookmarks were gone... :mad: Oh well, right? I can get over that. But the big thing is my text. It's hideous. I don't remember ever doing anything to it when I first got it.... and it certainly didn't look like this. It's all scaly any tips?

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    I fixed it.... Wow I am a moron. I renamed my library too so it created a new library I found this out when I rebooted and my dock bg was back my aqua wp, basic theme I thought I was going to have a heart attack I went in home folder and found a new library I deleted it and renamed the old one by to Library.

    Glad that's overwith, sorry for posting this since I got it fixed so quick. It just seemed major at the time.

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