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    Nov 27, 2011
    Old Admin Ghost?
    Hi, Newbie here and to Macs so please be gentle. :-)

    I just bought two iMACs for home use (kids). I am setting them up...and...lets say having some probs. I hope you can help.

    When I set up the Macs my aim was to get them talking to each other and setting up an admin environment to manage them. To cut a long story short...I believe I created a problem in setting up an Admin level user, then deleted it later. I now use a different admin name and its a diff acct to the one mentioned.

    The 'old' Admin does not appear in the user admin management lists on mac1... BUT ... when I am looking at Public folders on mac2....a public folder is there with the a folder title the same as the old admin name.

    Its like the Admin user was deleted at account level on mac1 but an old folder still exists somewhere. Being new to Macs (except for back in the 80s when i used the mac+) i don't know how to kill this 'ghost' folder.

    Any help appreciated.

    PS. latest OS and all updates applied.

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    Nov 27, 2011
    wow... :-)

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