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    Time Machine Not Backing Up Some Files...
    I've just noticed something weird with Time Machine (on my MBP, running 10.6.8) in that there are some files that aren't getting backed up, and others that don't seem to have the latest revisions.

    For example, I have two text files on my desktop. The first one is about a month old, and I last edited it yesterday... but TM is showing me a 'last modified' date of 20th Nov, and indeed that is the last version in there. The second file is only a couple of days old, but it doesn't appear in TM at all.

    TM is running its usual backup schedule, and there do seem to be many files that are getting saved, but I am rather wondering what is going on.

    Any ideas welcome!


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    You haven't inadvertently excluded some files from the backup under your System Preferences have you?

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