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    internet browsers don't work but connected to the internet
    I have a MacBook Pro and have a problem with AirMac internet browser loading:

    When I use a network that doesn't require password, the browsers load fine. When I use a Verizon network that requires a password (and I have put in the correct password -- I know because I have no problem with my PC notebook), the browsers (tried both Safari and Google Chrome) keep loading and then finally fail to load -- I checked and the internet connection is fine (I know because I can Skype but still the browsers fail to load). I have tried network assistance (which showed that my internet connection was fine), deleting the Verizon network and adding it again, rebooting the computer. Nothing has worked so far. What should I do?

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    late 2012 mini w/SSD
    Go into Network Prefs > Airport > TCP/IP tab and add a DNS server - use one not associated with Verizon/ISP. Try Google:

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