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Thread: Terminal Help !

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    Terminal Help !

    I followed some instructions to install 'Sickbeard' via terminal and somehow got lost in the Terminal maze - it never worked so i just left it at that - no big deal - but ever since my Mac has been very slow as if it is working on things in the background - could this be the terminal commands that I entered?? .. and if so how do I reverse them???! ... These are the commands that I had entered...

    10 ssh root@
    11 ssh root@
    12 ssh root@
    13 ssh root@
    14 sudo python install
    15 sudo python install
    16 cd /Users/Matt\ B/Downloads/Cheetah-2.4.4
    17 sudo python install
    18 cd /Applications
    19 git clone git://
    20 cd /Applications/Sick-Beard
    21 python
    22 cd '/Applications/Sick-Beard/' && '/usr/bin/pythonw' '/Applications/Sick-Beard/' && echo Exit status: $? && exit 1

    Any chance they could be causing a problem?

    ..Thank you!

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    It might be. None of those commands are necessarily problematic in and of themselves although I don't know why you're ssh'ing four times in a row.

    The last line is where "SickBeard" is executed. It's executed by the Python interpreter which can be killed (quit) easily with the following command:
    killall Python
    If SickBeard is still open, that will kill it. Note though that will kill other Python apps open.
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