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    Unhappy Everything is gone.... but not really...
    I have owned my Powerbook G4 for about 3 months now, and everything was working fine until 2 nights ago when I was shutting down I got a message that file vault needed to recover some disk space, If I shoulkd skip or do it now. I selected do it now as I always do, but this time it just stayed there. After maybe 3 minutes I manually shut down the computer because I thought it locked up, I turn it on again to make sure the data is intact and it is so I dont worry about it

    Now last night I was still kinda shaky on what happened with file vault so I decide to turn it off, seeing as I dont really need it and just have it there cause i thought it was neat. the machine then restarts and My desktop background is default my dock icons arent there (only the ones that come original) the dock size is the same, my documents are all gone, my itunes music library is "corrupted" (all my songs are gone), any folder i ever created with my pictures, my iphoto library gone, even my bookmarks. but the strange thins is all the apps ive installed over time are still there.... photoshop, games, ect.

    what did my mac do????

    Please help!!!

    I am running a

    12" powerbook G4
    processor: 1.5 GHz
    Memory: 1.25 GB DDR SDRAM (it was upgraded upon purchase and never caused a problem)

    It has been kept up to date religiously the only update I havent done to it is the Itunes phone driver....

    Thanks in advance

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    File Vault encrypts your home directory. Your iTunes music is there along with docs photos and movies. Your dock settings are in your library as well as as all your other settings. They were all encrypted and now they are now in a state of confusion.

    Sounds bad to me.

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