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    Changing background color of finder

    I want to change my finder background color because white can be a little frustrating on the long run.

    I go to 'Show view options' and change the color to whatever I want (A pale blue does the job), 'use it as defaults'
    but then it just applies for the one screen I'm on (Applications folder for instance)

    - How do you change the color background for all of the folders in finder? (Applications folder as well as Documents, Movies, Music etc.. folders for instance?)
    - Is there an option where it can change all of them but not just one at a time?

    Opening every single folder and doing these previous explained steps and finding the exact color is too long..

    Please enlighten me if you do know how to do. It would be a very useful thing to know.


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    Go to the root of the drive - Macintosh HD - and change it there - checking the Use this as default box.


    Nevermind - that didn't work here either.
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    Apr 03, 2011
    Yep. I tried as well.

    What happens is that it works on certain folders (House folder only actually) but the other folders such as applications or documents or other created folders are the same color as I designed them last time.

    So, please if someone know how to do. I'm still waiting for a valid answer for a simple task.

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