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    HELP! My daughter renamed files.
    I woke up to the sound of my daughter dropping my laptop. Thankfully everything works, but she renamed a bunch of files. Shes 2.

    Anyway, I got things working again but there is a folder in my Home directory that has the following subfolders:

    Application Support
    Autosave Information
    PDF Services

    The folder has the standard folder icon whereas the other folders in my home directory have the specific icons related to "Documents", etc.

    There is a similar list of subfolders in the /Library directory, but this directory is much more extensive.

    Right now all my applications seem to work fine, and the computer restarts fine.

    Thanks for any help!

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    That folder is your User Library. It serves the same purpose as /Library, which itself can be thought of as an "all users" library. You didn't say what she renamed it to. If it had gotten renamed (it too would be named "Library"), then OS X would have re-created your Library folder, but not many of the contents.

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