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Thread: Re install mac os... no erase all option :(

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    Re install mac os... no erase all option :(
    Hi guys.

    I'm trying to reinstall mac os as my macbook has slowed down big time... I've already tried lots of things to help it along... but I think a complete reinstall is the best thing to do.

    I want to do an erase all reinstall but it won't let me.

    I'm following instructions from this site, How to Reinstall Mac OS X - wikiHow

    I log out, log back in as root... restart with my os disc...

    When I'm supposed to get to this point...

    Click the "Options" button in the bottom corner of the window and select your installation type.

    There is no install type option... just a continue button...

    After I've reinstalled, I'm back to where I started!

    Can anyone please tell me how I do a complete reinstall of mac os?


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    Which Mac do you have?

    Which OS are you trying to re-install?

    Do you have the specific discs that came with the Mac or do you have a retail disc that your using?

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    I don't know why the instructions would have you log out and log back in as Root as that is not necessary and is actually dangerous to do.

    It should only be necessary to restart your Mac with the original install media and use Disk Utility to erase the drive, format it, and then proceed with the install. Remember also that erasing the disk destroys all your data so be sure to back up everything you want to keep first.

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