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    Recovering Macbook Troubles
    Please help. I am trying to recover using my Macbook operating system software. It was working fine and I had the second disc ready to install. However, I stepped away from my computer and my screen is now frozen with the apple and the spinning dial below it. I ejected the first disc and tried to install the second disc but had no luck.

    I am restoring the the factory settings as I have bought a MacBook Pro and want to clean my hard drive of any personal information.

    I am sick that this didn't work as planned and now I don't know how to move on and try and continue restoration.

    I will appreciate any help you can provide.

    Thanks very much!

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    Put your disk into cd drive and then power on and hold down C key, it will then boot to the disc. At the top choose disk utility and find your hard drive and erase the partition remeber this will loose everything on the hard drive. Then close down the disk ultility and then continue with the setup and it should work.

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