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    Transfer data: Non-Intel iMac to Intel iMac
    My old iMac is running 10.5.x, and is a Power PC. The new one is Intel-based and is running 10.6.x. I used the Migration Manager to migrate data just fine, but getting bookmarks imported is impossible so far. I have 3 browsers on the new machine: Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. None of them recognize Firefox on the old machine (grayed out) to allow me to import all my bookmarks. Any suggestions? Work-arounds? If this has been discussed here, pls let me know what to search for. I could not find anything. Thanks. john

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    Here's how to manually recover Safari bookmarks:
    Back Up or Move Your Safari Bookmarks to a New Mac

    … for Firefox:
    Backing up your information | How to | Firefox Help

    … for Chrome:
    Where does Google Chrome store it's bookmarks? - MacRumors Forums

    You can try manually copying them from the old Mac to the comparable location on the new Mac, or use the bookmark export functions in each browser on the old Mac; copy the exported files over to your new Mac; then re-import them using each browser's import function.

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    lifeisabeach is right on - there's no point in trying to be fancy with bookmarks. Simply export them on the old machine and import them on the new one.

    Bookmarks are stored as text or in a database. As such, they are not tied to any particular architecture. There is no "PowerPC text file" in other words. As such, I'm willing to bet that the problem is the application that you're using.
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    Life: Firefox sync was a piece of cake. Worked perfectly. That beat the tar out of copy and paste from an Appleworks file. Thanks. john

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