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    Can not update software, persistent problem.
    I have been having problems with my Mac for the past month and a half. Namely that Safari would crash CONSTANTLY and I could no longer download new software updates or download content from the internet, including video files from sites like Megaupload or application updates from iTunes. Almost twice daily I would have to manually restart my computer by holding the power button because it would no longer function, countless times a day programs like Safari would crash under minimal work load. I'm getting the error that I can't connect to the update server and to check my network connectivity or that i'm not connected to the internet. This is the error that I've constantly gotten, before my trip to the apple store (see next paragraph) and after. Even though I can get my mail and connect to the internet no problem.

    I went to the Apple store today, and after seeing that there wasn't any hardware problems they wiped my computer and sent me home after installing OSX Lion. I had previously had Snow Leopard.

    I had an external hard drive, and the mac genus showed me how to reload it, so I plugged it in and restored my hard drive with applications, users and folders but not settings. He advised this so any problems I had wouldn't transfer back over.

    But now my computer is worse than before. For a while it seemed like it would work, iTunes was downloading and my application updates were going as well. I downloaded 29.4 MB of iTunes and seven applications before it all froze again. I'm still getting the error that I can't connect to the update server and to check my network connectivity. Not only that but it freezes even more than before, although that problem seems to be only present when I attempt to download new software.

    I tried deleting the file, searching for proxies in the network advanced settings (I had none selected by default, not sure if I should have one or not), creating a new user and seeing if the problem persisted (it did) and of course wiping the hard drive which also didn't work.

    I am so out of luck right now. Help? I really don't want to have to go back to the Apple store because it's Black Friday weekend, but I go back to school in a place with no apple store on Sunday so I need to know if this is something I can fix at home.

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    Maybe it's a problem with the internet connection at home. Was it doing this at school as well?

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