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    Nov 23, 2011
    Kernel Panic, Can't Use Safe Boot
    I have a kernel panic during startup every time on my macbook running snow leopard 10.6. It happened after an update to itunes (I think, maybe other things?).

    I've tried to reboot in safe boot by pressing shift, and it doesn't work, but it takes me to this menu, with a picture of a hard drive in the background. It has a few options, like boot, boot verbose, boot single user, etc. In the help it says to type "-x" to boot in safe mode but there's no terminal. I tried exiting the menu and typing it blindly, but nothing.

    Then I tried starting it from the disc, by starting and pressing C at the same time. It started beeping very loudly at me for a while, but then still went to the kernel panic screen.

    I tried the pram clearing command-option-p-r startup, but that didn't seem to accomplish anything either.

    The only error I can see in verbose mode is that the kernel(23) is not matching the cpu(17).

    I don't have remote access open unfortunately. I'm not too attached to what's on there, it's an old computer, but I'd rather not lose it if possible. I'd appreciate any help!

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    late 2012 mini w/SSD
    Try Safe Boot again. Remember, press and hold shift immediately _after_ the startup gong sound.

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