FYI: I am new to the Mac and the Lion OS, but am familiar with linux.
I have a 2011 mac mini with OSX lion (10.7). I have just installed a HP
printer on the mac. When I attempt to install this printer for usage on
an ubuntu computer, (ubuntu 10.04)
the ubuntu System->Adminstration->Printing->Add
window does find the printer when I select Find Network Printer, however
when I attempt to access the printer by either printing a test page or
choosing the Verify function, I get a dialogue window
That requires the following fields
Domain is filled in as WORKGROUP
I enter my username for the mac, my password for the mac and the
dialogue becomes unresponsive.
I have tried this by using both the default WORKGROUP value for domain
and the value as entered in my Mac's Network->Advanced->DNS->Search Domains pane.
No luck...
Perhaps I have not set up sharing properly?
If so, under System Preferences->Print and Scan, and I have checked Share This Printer on the Network.
And I have from the subsequent Sharing Preferences dialogue, I have chosen the following two items:
1)Printer Sharing
2)File Sharing
Please tell me what else I need to do?