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    Keychain access
    As I have only joined this forum today I am not sure if I am asking the following question in the correct forum but here goes. I have had my iMac for only a few days and this is the only serious glitch I have found so far.
    When my iMac is woken in the morning it it sometimes tells me that my wi-fi access has timed out and asks me to log on. Then the problems start as by following the prompt boxes it will not accept my password. I also get a request to modify Keychain access. I would like to disable all these password stages as I am the only user. Question: is it possible? If not can anyone tell my why iMac will not accept my valid password and offers me the options to "go back" or "quit", neither option will solve the problem.

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    Be sure your keychain password is what you think it is. Be sure the WIFI password is in the login keychain.

    Worst case scenario, delete the WIFI keychain item and recreate it by disconnecting and reconnecting to the WIFI network after deletion.

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    Thanks for the assist. When I click on the padlock in Keychain and enter my password (8 digits) it clicks open so I assume that is my Keychain password. The password for my wi-fi is the same as that used for my Vista laptop where it always works OK. How do I get keychain to reveal the password that it has stored?

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