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    A few iTunes Match Questions
    Yesterday (after several errors and issues), I successfully downloaded the new iTunes Match software. I had a few questions about how this thing actually works, just so I can be clear. Maybe some of you can help out.

    - The files that have the cloud symbol next them on my iPhone are not actually on the phone. If I click on the song title (not the cloud icon), the file will play over the wi-fi network (or Cellular network, if I specify), but it'll take a moment because it's not actually ON the phone, right?

    - If I click on the cloud/download icon on the right, the file essentially "downloads" to my phone, taking up the space that the file actually would had it synced the old-fashioned way, right?

    - When I set this up originally, my library is a little more "empty" than before because many of my songs are in the cloud. Am I to understand that each time I play a song from my cloud, it has to be downloaded to my iPhone? So each time I shuffle songs, I'm slowly creeping toward my max capacity?

    - Is there a way to specific which of the "remaining" files that weren't matched I would like to access on my iPhone? I only have a 16GB model, so I don't necessarily want all of the files that didn't match clogging up the device.

    Most importantly...

    - Is there a way to "reset" and go back to having everything that IS matched go back into the cloud? Playing around with it last night, I downloaded an entire playlist. If what I said above is correct, those files are now actually downloaded to my device, taking up even more space.

    Many thanks for your help!

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    I haven't used it but did happen to see this today.

    Bugs & Fixes: Three essential iTunes Match troubleshooting tips | Macworld
    No hum, no buzz, no problem.

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