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    Can't get Kextd port.
    So, apparently after a power outage the other day OS 10 is toast. I did a bit of googling around and several sources advise to reinstall snow leopard from the install cd which would be fine, if my superdrive didn't crap out after 3 uses and I was too forgetful about my mini to get it replaced.

    Anyone have any ideas or sources for perhaps installing from a USB drive? I can image snow leopard cd or lion from my mac book pro and perhaps fix it that way?

    fsck failed and the only other option I can think of is installing my original hard drive back into my mini (since it still works) and then mounting the bad drive and working from there - but I would rather not have to go through all that trouble..

    any help is immensely appreciated. tia.

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    Use the mini as your CDROM drive, using Firewire Target Mode:
    How to use and troubleshoot FireWire target disk mode
    (you need a firewire cable)

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    Thanks for the response, but I was a too impatient.

    I just put in my old hard drive, then hooked up the replacement seagate (i just upgraded it myself instead of paying hundreds of dollars from Apple) through some external dock thing my husband had laying around for his PC.

    I wasn't able to repair the disk and it's read only but I was able to drag and drop all of my files and settings back to the old drive.

    Thank you so much for your reply anyway.

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