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    Installing Tiger on iMac G3
    Hi everyone!

    Im trying to install OSX 10.4 Tiger on an old iMac G3 500MHz (slot-loading). Trouble is, the iMac does not have a DVD drive. Ok, no problem, I thought, just connect my other iMac (Intel with 10.5.8) via FireWire and Target Disc Mode and install Tiger that way.
    I shut down both iMacs, turned on the new one holding the T-key & inserted the Tiger-DVD, connected the FW, and turned on the old iMac. The HDs show up fine on the old Mac, but the DVD wont, no matter what I try. I ejected and re-inserted the DVD, started with the DVD already in the Mac, but it does not work. What am I doing wrong? Why doesnt the DVD show up???

    Btw, I also tried the whole thing the other way round, starting the old Mac in TargetMode. But the new Mac does not start the installation from the DVD because it says that Tiger cannot be installed on this (i.e. the new) iMac...

    Thanks for your help, mondenlichte

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    have you got a usb stick big enough to fit tiger on?

    You could use carbon copy cloner to clone the Tiger DVD onto a usb stick and install that way
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