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    Restoring Crashed Bootcamp Windows 7
    First of all, I blame Skyrim for the crash - it was too late when i realized that my computer is extremely overheated.
    I'm not even sure if overheat can be a cause of crash.

    Anyway, while I was on Windows for some works that are incompatible with Mac OS, it crashed. So I tried turning it back on, and it only gives me blinks on the top left corner in black screen. Recalling my previous experience, I would suspect that this means Windows crashed, right?

    So as this is my situation, I am desperately trying to find a way to restore the files and potentially Windows as well, if possible. Would there be any way of approaching this? I would appreciate your input.

    p.s. On the blinking-black screen, I cannot type nor click. F8, delete key, and enter key do not work either.

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    Boot the Mac with your Windows 7 DVD and do a repair of Windows 7. Just be very careful that you select the Boot Camp NTFS partition to repair and not your OS X partition. Follow the directions given here in the MS forums: LINK

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