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Thread: Email virus

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    Email virus
    Spam emails are being sent from my email account to addresses that I believe are backed from my iphone to my computer.

    They are only being sent to my contacts, these contacts are the contacts in my iphone not my email address book so either the spam emails are being sent from my iphone or from my computer and accessing my backup file of phone contacts stored on my macbook.

    I also have an ipad that I haven't used since getting back from Europe. Coincidentally, the first spam email was sent when I turned it on and was updating 50 apps but I understand ipads can't get viruses.

    I also didn't have a problem before activating icloud. ????

    The spam emails do not say "sent from my ipad, or sent from my iphone". However not all the spam emails sent over the last week appear in my Sent file on the computer.

    I can't narrow down where these are coming from. I downloaded on my pc and ran clamxav but no viruses were detected. I also bought the virusbarrier app for my iphone but nothing appeared there either.

    Any thoughts on how this is happening and what I can do to stop these bothersome emails from being sent? There have been at least 4 sent over the last week.


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    Change your password. You're being hacked.

    There isn't a single virus affecting Mac OS, so your anti-virus software can't find that which does not exist.

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    I suggest you change your E-mail password ( Gmail, hotmail, ??? )

    From what you have told us, your iDevices seem to be OK, so I guess the problem is on the server side of things.

    Cheers ... McBie
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    Another suggestion you are using Hotmail or Gmail which are both easily cracked. Change the password on a weekly basis and meet it strong, using both numerical and alphabetical in the password.
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